The time to choose climate resilience is now

The challenge of COVID-19 is also the opportunity to solve climate change with a low-carbon and resilient economic reactivation.


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to take climate action and resolve the climate change challenge from Latin America

a good business strategy:

environmental risks

According to the WEF’s Global Risk Report, the 5 most likely risks for businesses were environment-related.

WEF, 2020


A low-carbon economic recovery could also create more jobs and economic growth than a high-carbon recovery.

McKinsey, 2020


26% of experts identify sustainability embedded values as the key attribute of leading corporations. 

Globe Scan, 2017

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2nd day at #Nexosmasuno, one of the most important #sustainability events in Latin America that enables sharing experiences and connecting people, companies, government and institutions

Gustavo Gamio

Thanks to everyone who participated in #Nexosmasuno for your commitment to change our world! I’m sure that together we can! Let’s reduce our waste generation, separate waste at source and recycle! Efficient use of water and clean energy! Peru First!

Fabiola Muñoz

Great morning!… an excellent opportunity to hear great experiences and purposeful initiatives. #NexosMasUno

Rocio Gonzales

Today in #nexosmasuno the Minister of the Environment launched “Carbon Footprint Peru”, a tool that will help Peruvian companies measure and manage their impacts (measure-reduce-compensate). Bravo!

Luciana P


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