We are here to transform Latin America

nexos+1 is the Latin American business climate action platform

nexos+1 fosters business transformation in the face of climate change. We are changing the way organizations do business to a more conscious, connected and collaborative way from inside out in order to grow together with the other stakeholders of our regional economy.

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We make evident

The relevance of climate change in the private sector and how it impacts the business

We accompany

Companies in their path towards sustainability

We position

Companies that are leading sustainability in Latin America

We connect

Companies and people who seek to grow together in a new, sustainable economy

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Customized online workshops

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Our meeting spaces

Throughout the year, our platform for climate action will develop information and create meeting spaces in line with 3 key points for sustainability and resilience:

3 key themes for sustainability and resilience:

We share strategic information and spaces for action with our community

Online events

Participate in online workshops about relevant, strategic information on climate action

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Receive every month the latest trends on Latin American business sustainability in your inbox

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Learn more about inspirational benchmarks in the sector through in-depth interviews

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Position your initiatives and triple impact projects before our digital community of + 37 thousand key regional sustainability actors

Annual publications

Gain access to a selection of the best reports and publications with key information for your organization

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