nexos+1 2021

On March 2, 3 and 4, nexos + 1 will begin the path of organizational transformation for those companies that wish to evolve their business towards resilient and sustainable models that meet the new demands of our society.

The topics this year were:

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Experts from academia, politics, business and innovation have inspired nexus +1
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Alexia Semov

Project Specialist de New Nature Economy Report del Foro Económico Mundial

Nicolás Shea

Presidente Ejecutivo & Co-fundador Cumplo

Carolina Proaño

Directora Ejecutiva de Fundación Futuro

Javier Calvo Pérez

Director & Co-fundador de qAira

Eduardo Eiger

CEO Natura Perú

Jorge Medina

Co-fundador y presidente de Capitalismo Consciente

Ericka Reyna

Jefe de IMS y Responsabilidad Corporativa en DP World

Viviane Mansi

Directora Regional de Comunicación y Sustentabilidad de Toyota Latinoamérica y Caribe & Presidenta de la Fundación Toyota en Brasil

Carmen Silva

Especialista de Sostenibilidad & Líder de Proyectos en Toyota

Mariano Morazzo

Jefe de Políticas de Cambio Climático y Energías Renovables en Enel Roma

Massimiliano Calamea

Gerente de Sostenibilidad Enel

Javier Perla

Gerente Negocios Sostenibles Libélula

Silvia Chaves

Presidenta de Florex

Denise Hills

Directora Global de Sustentabilidad de Natura

Marian Buraschi

Gerente Comercial Libélula y Directora de plataforma nexos+1

Thomas Eckschmidt

Co-fundador y director general de Capitalismo Consciente en Brasil

Josefa Monge

Presidenta Sistema B Chile y Co-fundadora Cumplo

Fabio Alperowitch

Co-fundador de Fama

Gabriel Quijandría

Ministro del Ambiente del Perú

Akanksha Khatri

Responsable de la Agenda de Acción para la Naturaleza de la Plataforma de Bienes Públicos Mundiales del Foro Económico Mundial

Matías Kelly

Strategy Director at Sumatoria

Between 2015 and 2019 he was Secretary of Social Economy in the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation. He headed the Sistema B organization during 2015.

Ricardo Bosshard

Director WWF Chile

He is on the leadership committee for the global finance practice at WWF. He has helped develop the socio-environmental criteria for a $ 1 trillion green credit transaction.

Anirban Ghosh

Director of Sustainability of the Mahindra Group

Anirban Ghosh is the Director of Sustainability for the Mahindra Group. He leads Sustainability at the Mahindra Group of USD 20.7 billion. Under his leadership, Mahindra has developed an award-winning Sustainability framework, helped double the per capita income of 20,000 Indians, became a founding member of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, and was the first to commit to doubling energy productivity. He, in partnership with the World Bank, facilitated the creation of the Sustainable Housing Leadership Consortium, to accelerate the expansion of green buildings in India.Anirban is pleased to implement projects that drive positive changes in society and has been recognized as a distinguished Sustainability Officer.

Carmen Mosquera

Especialista del Sector Privado, FOMIN

Carmen is an Economist with a Master in Finance and a Master in Social Responsibility (Quality Management, Environment and Occupational Health). He is currently a MIF specialist for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in the areas of microfinance and climate change.

Leonardo Maldonado

General Manager of Gulliver - Empresa B

Leonardo is a social entrepreneur, his specialty is the installation of the culture of innovation in companies and institutions. He is currently the Founding Partner and General Manager of Gulliver S.A., a private innovation agency certified as Company B.

María Julia Saenz

Director of Tax Planning in Backus

María Julia is a tax lawyer, Master in Public Management and Business, Associate of IFA (International Fiscal Association), Peruvian Group, part of the Board of Directors for 8 years.

Boris Gamarra

Executive Director de Recidar

Boris Gamarra directs Recidar, a social enterprise focused on improving the quality of life for low SES households. He has experience in Non-Governmental Organizations, such as A Caminar and Traperos de Emaus where he held the position of general manager.

Thomas Kimber

Founder de Karün - Empresa B

Thomas is Co-founder of Reforestemos Patagonia, the largest reforestation campaign in the history of Chile and the sustainability portal ClanEco, which in 2011 became the most visited sustainability-related website in Chile.

Rita Kotov

General Manager of Matizart

Rita was InWEnt’s regional director in the German GIZ cooperation, director of projects and consulting companies. It works in parallel in consultancies and facilitations at an international level. She is an academic teacher.

Gonzalo Muñoz

CEO de TriCiclos (Empresa B)

Known as an agent of global change, and after working for many years in the food sector, Gonzalo currently leads TriCiclos, a cultural movement towards environmental sustainability and social inclusion.

Pía Zevallos

Creation and Development Manager at Libélula - Business B

Pía is a strategic consultant on issues related to sustainable development and climate change. He participated as a member of the Peruvian delegation in the negotiations of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

Lupe Guinand

Director in Libélula

For more than 30 years, Lupe has been doing “environmental catechesis” in different countries, especially Venezuela, Peru and the United States. Sometimes successful and sometimes learning from failure. She has acted with the hats of a consultant, director, teacher, advisor, civil servant and others, but always enthusiastically waving the flag of sustainable development.

María Paz Cigarán

General manager of Libélula

María Paz is an Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Católica (UCAB) Venezuela, with studies in Air Quality Management in Japan and training in the Swiss Model of Pollutant Emissions and Dispersion in Switzerland

Josep Ramio

Co-founder of the group Los Fi

Josep was an 80% engineer when he decided to be a 100% actor. He took both careers at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and since 2001 he has dedicated himself exclusively to hitting reused objects for living. He is one of the founders of the Los Fi group.

Sebastián Salinas

Director y Cofundador de Balloon Latam

Fundador y Director Ejecutivo de Balloon Latam, empresa social que potencia la acción colectiva para impulsar el desarrollo sostenible en las comunidades de América Latina.

Maria Fernanda Contreras

Consultora independiente en economía ambiental y desarrollo

Promoter of a transition to sustainability from different sectors: private, public, academia, non-governmental organizations and international cooperation.

Lorna Davis

Ambassador B Corp y Ex Ceo Danone USA

He has run multi-million dollar businesses such as Kraft China and Mondelez US. She was CEO of Danone North America and set out on the journey to become the largest B Corp in the world

Mariana Rodriguez

President of the CADE and Entrepreneurs for Education

Co-founder of the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, the Universidad Privada del Norte, the Cibertec institute and the Instituto Tecnológico del Norte.

Pedro Friedrich

CEO de Tonka

He is co-founder and current chairman of the board of Sistema B Argentina. Co-founder and member of the board of the Red Communities Rural Foundation and the Banco de Bosques Foundation.

Rodrigo Mejía


Rodrigo Mejía has more than 20 years of experience in mass consumption companies such as P & amp; G, Red Bull, and Backus. He has led business in different Latin American countries.

Halla Tómasdóttir

CEO en The B Team

Directora general de The B Team, un grupo de valientes líderes empresariales y de la sociedad civil que trabajan juntos para transformar las empresas en un mundo mejor.

Helio Mattar

President of the Institute Akatu

Co-founder of the Ethos Institute and founder of the Akatu Institute, entities that reinforce his belief that companies play a prominent role in building a better society.

Marcel Fukayama

Executive Director of Sistema B International

Co-founder of Sistema B Brasil and Company B Din4mo. He is involved in inequality reduction initiatives and the new economy.

Rocio Fonseca

Innovation Manager at CORFO

Innovation Manager at CORFO, former Executive Director of Start-Up Chile. Biotechnological Engineer, Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Master in Science in Management from MIT.


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